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SMARTY's business idea is to provide Contract Engineering, Design and Manufacturing services for electronic industry.
The most important SMARTY’s cornerstone is a Quality of our products and services within our competence to electronic industry and to fulfilling its special requirements.

We are an engineering based and customer-oriented company.
We are able and interested to develop close, long term business relationships.
We implement solutions globally according to customer needs.


Quick Turn Design at the Best price

Extensive design checks
- Design work flow with checkpoints and milestones for tracking progress. 100% Design QC that checks all datasheets, design guidelines and reviews all email inputs

High density, Analog, Digital, RF and Mixed
- Experience in High Speed Circuit cards up to 10 GHz, Mother Boards with any kinds of memory (SDRAM, DDRx, QDR, etc.), High Performance Backplane and Mid-planes (VME, PCI, cPCI, etc.), Power Distribution cards, Flex/Rigid boards

Design for Test and Manufacturing
- DFx standards: DFA/DFT/DFM
- Meeting International Standards: IEC/IPC

Signal Integrity
- EMI modeling, Power and Signal integrity, Impedance & X-talk control

Confidentiality of the customer's information

We look forward to working with you!