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SMARTY «SMARTY» Automation iBUS Communication

iBUS Communication

«iBUS» is a wired bus communication (iBUS defines "intelligent BUS"). This means that iBUS works through wired physical medium named "twisted pair cable". iBUS needs 1 pair for data communication & 1 pair for power supply. It can communicate through any type of Cat 3 UTP or Cat 3 FTP cable. The Cat 5е cable can be also applied. The best approach is for Cat 5e, it works with iBUS and Ethernet 100 Mbit through one cable.

«Twisted pair» is a physical medium for sharing communication through «SMARTY» units. The advantage of iBUS is galvanic isolation for both power and data. This EMI protection makes iBUS high-stable for noise immunity.

iBUS technical parameters:

Power supply 20-30 V DC
Max. iBUS load per channel 255 slave devices
Number of iBUS channels on SMARTY-CPU 2
Communication distance without repeater up to 1000 meters

«SMARTY» Automation works through iBUS «master-slave» communication: «master» is a central «SMARTY-CPU» unit, «slaves» are all of the rest «SMARTY» execution units. Working as "brain", «SMARTY-CPU» provides algorithms and logic of «SMARTY» Automation solution.

For interference with other solutions, «SMARTY» Automation supports MODBUS communication. MODBUS is a common interface, it is widely used in professional climate and other automation systems.

The typical schem of iBUS communacation you can see on the Fig.1.

Fig.1. iBUS communication in «SMARTY» Automation

The iBUS topology is a bus with acceptable length of stabs up to 10 meters. The ends of iBUS must be terminated.