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SMARTY «SMARTY» Automation What is Smart House and BMS?

What is Smart House and BMS?

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The well-known term «Smart House» (Home Automation) and its formal definition «Building Management System Automation» (BMS Automation) are common words in a branch of «Building Automation».

The most common case of «building engineering» is to join lighting & power supply, water supply and climate services together as the main «living resources» and then to manage them. Additional requested services for building management depend on the building functionality. They can differ for a flat, cottage, office center, hotel, hospital, restaurant or any shop, etc., where the building type can be for living, administrative or trading needs. The typical of the extra building services are as follows: RFID access control, alarm system, video control, payment system and others.

In the general «Smart House» definition, if any parameter of environment, state of mechanisms, quantity of «resource» or «service» can be transformed in electrical signal, it can be successfully joined to building intelligent infrastructure and then changed, controlled or calculated as per user-defined rules. These rules can be with a static logic or dynamically changed as per time schedule, scenario or because of your wish to add a novelty to your Smart House. Modification of user-defined rules can usually be addressed from PC, touch panel or mobile phone.

Informing about the status, real-time control and management of building services can be done through common IT-communications: local network, Internet or cellular communications.

«SMARTY» works with your wishes in your building!

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