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SMARTY «SMARTY» Automation «SMARTY» Functionality

«SMARTY» Functionality

Lighting & power supply

Wall switches and other mechanisms from NILSON NILSON booklet

Lighting "ON/OFF" switching

Dimmable lighting control

Lighting scenarios

Control for roller blinds, sun blinds and shutters

Wall outlet and power outputs switching

Facade of building & landscape management

Heating, conditioning & climate

Temperature and humidity control, climate control

Control for heat-insulated flooring and hot-water radiator

Control for cold and hot water supply

Stop-leakage system

Alarm & SOS, video & access control

Alarm signaling through I2C or DRY contact

Output support of independent fire alarm system

Connect to intrusion alarm system

SMS, MMS & EMAIL messaging

USB & IP video support

RFID security

... And a few more functions

Working through Internet

Working through PC & Touch-panel

Working through IR-panel & mobile phone

Video control through Internet, EMAIL or МMS

Control for watering, fountain, aquarium or pool

Simulation & scenarios