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SMARTY «SMARTY» Automation «SMARTY» Units

«SMARTY» Units

«SMARTY» Automation is a wired-bus solution for building intelligent automation. «SMARTY» Automation consists of Central units and Actuating units. Central units are the main components and they should be in each project. Actuating units are the customer's choice.

Central units

SMARTY-CPU - Central Processor Unit

SMARTY-PWR - Power Supply with battery backup

Actuating units

Actuating units are slave-end units with a set of functional inputs & outputs. They have interfaces common for all actuating units as follows:

  • iBUS input/output
  • Binary/«DRY» input
  • Temperature sensor (tolerance +/-0.5 С degree)
  • I2C bus support for various sensors

Mechanical construction of «SMARTY» Units is for both DIN-rail and mounting box dia. 80.0 millimeters.

SMARTY-WS - Wall Switches

SMARTY-REL - Relay Units

SMARTY-DIM - Dimmable Units

SMARTY-GSM - Remote GSM Control

SMARTY-LSD - Light Sensitive Detector

SMARTY-IR - IT Transceiver

SMARTY-RU - Room Unit for Climate Control


SMARTY-EXT - iBUS Extender


SMARTY LLC is a producer of «SMARTY» Automation solution. We can develop unique units for the customer's needs.